DAWIN CO., LTD. is expertise at 3C peripheral leather holder; such as sewing leather, high voltage handset pouch, case and so on. We offer designing and manufacturing in your 3C products with better protection and multi functionality.

We have full facility with unique technique. Facilities; it is included Leather skinning machine, Hydraulic cutting machine, Polishing machine, Imprint machine, High machine, Pole machine, High post sewing machine, Computer vehicle, Needle detector machine, Auto perching machine, Cell drying machine ,Edging machine, Adhesive ,high-temperature testing machine, Inspection machine, Real leather surface finishing machine, high frequency machine with size in medium, small and large over than 20 units, Die Cutting Machine and box folding production line. Besides, we have independent screen printing room.

We got capability in high efficiency and quality control to ensure each customer’s product with gorgeous appearance. We have great operator and exacting quality control to make the best quality, competitive price and flexible delivery.

We have expert and motivate capability in research and development to meet customer OEM and ODM requirement, and sincerely welcome any enquiry from the industrials.

Tablet PC
Any kinds of tablet PC leather holder; whatever ODM, OEM, style in business traveler and creativity; any styles we will meet demand from customer to design and manufacture.
Any types of specific pouch in ODM and OEM; to meet customer demand in designing and manufacturing. Welcome your inquiry any time.
Head phonesspeaker...
Head phones sleeves, speaker pouch, hard disk box ..Welcome your inquiry any time.
email : service@dawinwin.com